About Afco Shock Doctor

Afco Shock Doctor is proudly an Australian and family owned business since 2003. We pride ourselves in being able to give our customers personalised service and guarantee genuine quality products. Extensive training in the United States has given us the knowledge to give exact assessments on all of our range that we stock. This training and knowledge has also enabled us to expand our brands and offer our customers a much greater service.

Afco Shock Doctor is constantly updating all knowledge in the repairs and products we provide. Our workmanship and quality is key to being able to pass on the most recent developments in our field of work. Our assessments ensure that customers have a solid understanding of their shock performance and accessories.

Afco Shock Doctor provides a comprehensive service that includes testing, diagnosing, repairing and revalving of various shock absorbers. Other services include coil spring testing, shock set-up consultations, speedway track consultations and race car set-ups.

With access to enormous amounts of data courtesy of our status as an approved and non-approved repairer, the Shock Doctor can offer extensive testing and diagnosis capabilities that enables an accurate evaluation of which parts may need to be replaced to maintain maximum efficiency.Such detailed assessment also ensures that competitors have a solid understanding of their shock absorber performance.

We also offer a Workmanship guarantee for further piece of mind.