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One of the major advantages of dealing with Afco Shock Doctor is you deal directly with the repairer. This means the shocks are repaired on-site by skilled tradesmen who are experts in repairing and providing you with the correct spec’s on your shocks. 

When building a custom set for racers, we take many things into account, like where you race, what brand of car, suspension type, tires, driving skills and where you race. Combining all of these can make a racer faster and more competive

The Shock Doctor can also advise you on any of our accessories that we have for sale. Why worry about guessing if you have the correct shock and gear when we can do that for you!

We also offer a for further peace of mind!


    Dyno Pic 

All shock absorbers we sell or are sent in for repair are Dyno tested on our Roehrig Shock dyno.

We ensure the shock absorber has the correct specification numbers that the shock should be manufactured to.

When repairing has been completed on a shock, they are always Dyno tested to ensure they are the correct numbers and spec’s required by our customers.

We guarantee the tested shock to be exactly what it should be when it leaves our workshop.



   Intercomp Spring tester     


Springs are tested by us to ensure they have the correct rating to suit  our customer’s needs.




At certain times during the race season our customers require their shocks to be assessed and given advice on what to run - where, when and why.

We are able to show you exactly what would suit you best with the shock absorbers you have and the advantages of using them on certain tracks and conditions.

*Appointments are required for this service. Please give us a call as we may be able to help you.



If you require help on the track we can assist you. Most tracks around Australia offer track tests sessions. These can be arranged via the Speedway track owners.

We can then meet with you at the track and see how the car handles – this may include looking at the set-up you have and the parts in your car prior to this service.

*Appointments are required for this service. Please give us a call as we may be able to help you.



From time to time some of our customers require assistance to set up their Race Cars.

*Appointments are required for this service. Please give us a call as we may be able to help you.



National Racing Divisions that we service!

  • AMCA Nationals
  • ASCF Modified
  • ASCF Production Sedans
  • ASCF Street Stocks
  • ASCF Super Sedans
  • ASCF 4 CYlinder Sedans
  • Compact Speedcars
  • Formula 500's
  • 320 Sprintcars
  • Junior Quarter Midgets
  • Junior Sedans
  • Late Models
  • Micro Sprints
  • Speedcars
  • Sprintcars
  • Wingless Dirt Modifieds
  • V8 Dirt Modifieds
  • 360 Sprintcars



  ** Note: There are other recognised state racing divisions not listed above from around Australia.
A call to the Shock Doctor can provide repair and sale availability to these divisions.



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